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MiST™ In-Car Air Quality Service

Feel free to breathe free.

Protect yourself and your family from harmful bacteria, mold and mildew that may be living in your car's HVAC system. A safe and effective service, MiST™ In-Car Air Quality Service kills mold on contact and prevents new mold and bacteria growth throughout the vehicle's HVAC system and passenger cabin surfaces. MiST™ is an award winning technology aimed at the health of the driver and occupants, not the vehicle. Visit for more information.

Don't forget your MiST™ Air Quality Service the next time you stop by!

The Truth About Your Car's A/C

Are you experiencing headaches, fatigue, coughing, and/or other allergy symptoms? This could be because of your car's uncleaned air vents. Your car's air conditioning vent tunnels are like those in your house--when condensation becomes evident in the vent tunnels, mold/mildew forms and is expelled back into the car via powerful air forces the next time you turn on your A/C HVAC system.

MiST™ helps rid bacteria, mold, and mildew to leave a fresh, clean scent in your car. Most customers say that their mold allergy symptoms (headaches, coughing, etc.) disappear after they have MiST™ Service. 


Porsche equipped with cabin air filter sample
at 29,000 km / 18,000 miles.

Samples taken from vehicle's HVAC systems before
and 2 days after a MiST™ Service. 


Before: Mold/Bacteria Present
After: Mold Not Present

MiST™ is recognized as one of the most innovative and revolutionary tools by the industry.
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